21st century dating tips


We really haven’t been able to pinpoint what exactly has gone wrong.

Some say that technology and social media is producing a generation that doesn’t know how to form proper relationship.

Speed Dating takes the best of both worlds; it’s technology meeting practicality and effectiveness at its finest.

We cannot pretend that meeting face to face and feeling that human interaction isn’t one of the most important factors in determining compatibility.

Our worlds tend to be very “me” centered, and with the advent of the computer we no longer even need to talk or meet with someone in person to successfully do business with them.

We can order anything we need and have it brought to our houses.

Entertainment is at our fingertips anytime of day or night.

The funny thing is, as much as we may isolate ourselves or be isolated by lifestyle evolution, we’re still human, and humans need other humans to survive and live a happy and fulfilling life.

Etiquette 6: If you are not going to be able to make it as planned, call her or send a text.

Out of this self-centered technology-based lifestyle, the internet has evolved and now dominates.

Started as a means of communication and sharing knowledge, the internet is now the predominant way for people to connect with each other. Lenton, there were 40 million internet users in 1996; that number ballooned to 375 million by year 2000.

Everything and everyone evolves in this life, there’s no fighting it.

Technology, science, politics, the environment, human behavior and acceptance – everything changes and grows.

According to uk **The Science of Love**, it takes only 90 seconds to 4 minutes to determine if you’re attracted to someone.

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