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Then as she says she adds money to it, she can do to the one she opened by all means.

Also in my opinion of what you have said as i dont know personally but if people wanted to give my son a gift of money to buy what he needed i wouldnt expect them to withhold the money until they thought what i was going to buy seemed appropriate to them?!?!?!

Could you explain to your mum that you dont mind her having the account and paying money in when she wants to, but you need the money you have been gifted for buying the items you have mentioned.

I would also tell her that you intend to open an account for baby yourself so any cheques from now on can go into that account. Hi Kayleigh, TBH I dont understand why you are so annoyed about her having a bank account for your son. She should not have taken the cheques from other people though. You should tell her to give you back the money from others so you can put it in your account for him for when you need it.

My nan opened an account for my DS for when he is 18, same as my in laws have done.

Any monies he gets he will use when he is 18 or over.

Hi all, Ive just had a baby and basically problem is grandmother has opened a savings account in my babys name, but with her as the guarantor, people has sent us money but its in babys name, she asked if she could have the b certificate ( thought it was this ancestory thing she has been working on) I gave it to her as she didnt exactly state what it was for, but she more or less aimed it was going towards her ancestory project she was working on, a few days later, she informed me and the father that she opened a savings account where alot of money has been deposited in babys name.

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How has your mum managed to get the cheques you were sent?

Maybe open one yourself on your sons behalf and stay in control of money he gets given and just leave grandmother to save into the one she has Hi, Anyone can open an account in babys name if they have the birth certificate and ID for themselves.

It is not fraud if the person who has opened the account has provided genuine documents.

Set up a account for your son with you as the gaurentaur(sp), ask friend/relatives that have given cheques to cancel them etc(how did she get the cheques to deposit in the first place if you dont mind me asking?

) and then ask them to rewrite so you can deposit into his account you control and any future funds can be added to that also.

The only way to stop the cheques would be to contact the people who had issued them and ask them to stop them, they will probably be charged for this.

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