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Afterwards you can head next door for beers and a little live music at Aeronaut Brewing Company. Knight Moves Cafe calls itself “your living room away from home,” which translates to a den of G-rated pleasures: fair-trade coffee, hot chocolate, and above all, a colossal board game library.

But did you know you can also book a private, behind-the-scenes tour with the little guys, which more likely than not will include some belly rubs?

We've broken down the very best options below with ideas for every budget, and there's even some for you old “married” types to get in on the action.

You matched thanks to your shared sporty interests, so cut to the chase with a vertical date on the climbing walls of Brooklyn Boulders Somerville (just for a day pass).

Did you know that Blue Hills is just a few miles south of Boston proper and is even accessible by public transit?

Not only that, but tickets after 5pm are just and still grant you four hours on the slopes, thanks to the ski area’s flood lights. Lots of restaurants around town do a solid fried chicken, but it’s the one-off evenings that make it feel special: Fried Chicken Fridays at Townsman, Super Cluckin’ Sundays at Cutty’s (once a Oh sure, you love the idea of “trying new things,” but you also can’t stand the idea of stepping foot outside the house.

Every Wednesday night, winter or summer, the BU Coit Observatory opens up its facilities to the common folk so they can get a far more magnified glimpse of the sky.

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