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The pathway between the Red-ruffed lemur exhibit and Jaguar research tent will be closed for paving work Wednesday 2/28 - Thursday 3/1.

The pathway in front of the Savanna Aviary will also be closed for paving work during this time.

If a member rejoins within six months, the joining fee is waived. If you upgrade your membership within the first six months, you will be responsible for the difference in the joining fee.

In addition, no refunds will be issued for a membership downgrade. Your automatic withdrawal date will normally be the 1st, 9th, 17th or 24th of each month.

The joining fee is a nonrefundable, one-time fee that is paid upon joining.

As long as the membership remains continuous, the joining fee is only paid once.

the hours will be 9am - 5pm on weekends, and weekdays are by appointment only.

Snow leopard cub Aibek, and mom Helen, will be visible in their exhibit every other day. From North or South bound I-5, take Exit 169/NE 50th St, go west 1.3 miles to arrive at the South Entrance Take North or South bound Metro Bus #5 to Phinney Ave. .00 ( local & state taxes) per day for cars .00 ( local & state taxes) per day for motorcycles .00 ( local & state taxes) for buses, RVs and other oversize vehicles FREE covered, secure bicycle parking at West Entrance Pay-for-parking kiosks are located at each lot. RV and bus parking is available at the South Entrance Hippo Lot, N.

Molbak's Butterfly Garden is now closed for the season.

There is a playground overlooking Lake Tahoe and a heated outdoor swimming pool.

Like Incline Beach, there are state-of-the-art grills and barbeque areas, as well as a great snack bar which is now open.

IMPORTANT: If your draft date falls on a weekend or bank holiday, you will be drafted the following business day.

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