Automatic updating cross references in word datingfordollars com


See Creating cross-references to partial paragraphs. You can design cross-reference formats to include only the first part of a paragraph.

For example, if you have headings in your document that look like, “Chapter 7—Granada to Barcelona,” you can create a cross-reference that refers only to “Chapter 7.”When you insert the Partial Paragraph building block, you must do two things.

You can apply a character style to the entire cross-reference source, or to text within the cross-reference.

If the new or modified format in In Copy conflicts with a format in the In Design document when the story is checked in, the In Design format takes precedence.

You can also use the Preflight panel to notify you when cross-references are out of date or unresolved.

When defining a profile, select Cross-References in the Text section. If the missing destination text has been moved to a different document, or if the document containing the destination text is renamed, you can relink the cross-reference.

First, specify the delimiter between the quotation marks.

The delimiter is the character that ends the paragraph.

When the number of a figure, table or subclause changes, these references are updated automatically, which avoids manual find-and-replace operations.

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