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Submission of Blanket B2 Authorization Applications will not be accepted via electronic mail (e-mail) or any other electronic media. The workbook must be saved under the importer's name or business number and include the adjustment period (Example: ABC Company, 2011-2015 or 123456789RM0001, 2011-2015). Supporting documentation is not required when submitting the Blanket B2 Authorization Application; however, the adjustment reason(s) for the blanket request must be clearly explained. Blanket B2 Authorization Applications must be approved by the CBSA before Form B2s can be submitted.Therefore, Form B2s submitted along with the Blanket B2 Authorization Application will not be accepted. The filing of a Blanket B2 Authorization Application does not constitute filing an adjustment request pursuant to section 32.2 or 74 of the Act.This memorandum contains the procedures and instructions surrounding the preparation and presentation of Blanket B2 Adjustment Requests.Corrections were made to the definitions of Blanket B2 Adjustment, Issue, and Reason.Refer to Memorandum D17-2-1, for further information on single B2 adjustments. A Blanket B2 Authorization Application may be submitted to correct one issue containing up to three reasons; however, the CBSA reserves the right to accept or reject any or all of the reasons for which a correction is being requested.Each reason for which a blanket B2 adjustment is being requested must be presented as an individual workbook in the application package. This memorandum provides the standardized format for preparing Blanket B2 Adjustment Requests.Any similarities presented in all examples in D17-2-4, to current or past importer or brokers are by coincidence only.

To obtain authorization, a hard copy of the Blanket Authorization Application (see Appendix A) must be submitted along with: 12.Is comprised of a Form B2 and the workbook(s) containing data on all of the transactions for which adjustments are being requested.It is submitted by an importer/agent after receiving a letter of authorization from the CBSA. This memorandum is intended for the use of importers/agents who prepare and submit blanket B2 adjustments to the CBSA. Blanket B2 adjustments are used to correct the same issue for up to three reasons affecting multiple B3 transactions with a single request rather than submitting individual B2 claims for each transaction.Die gesellschaftlichen Fragen im Bereich Landwirtschaft und Ernährung lassen sich in sieben Ziele bündeln.Anhand dieser Ziele und ihrer Teilziele kann in FISA festgestellt werden, mit welchen öffentlich finanzierten Forschungsprojekten die EU, der Bund und die Länder den Herausforderungen unserer Zeit begegnen.Innerhalb eines Förderprogramms kann es mehrere Ausschreibungen geben, mit denen Forschungsprojekte gesucht werden.

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