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Which doesn’t take away from the fact that few Bengali men look good in jeans and a tee. For the same reason, they seem to be rolling on the dance floor. Only men can get to organize pujas and ignore everything else for four days. The end-result is certainly not worth the fuss that goes into it.

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Obviously Khoka will face several adjustment problems when he grows up. They are less chivalric compared with men from other Indian communities, many women report.

Nurtured by his parents, Horlicks and chicken legs, it will be a potent weapon when he grows up: it will be the highest point reached by a man with a steady, decent job, besides being the embodiment of sex appeal.

A Bengali man draws women towards him with his “brain”.

Outside family circles one common joke is: “Age no bar, caste no bar etc…” 25 .

Their stock of jokes is small and oft-repeated, especially in family circles. It ends with the variety in which only a few strands of hair remain. But as one has heard it since childhood, one has to remember to laugh hard. If she does, she is being a good woman in these selfish times. If he does, he is being a wimp in the traditional sense. He will insist that she looks beautiful, hot in fact, wearing sindur along with jeans, when she knows she is looking downright uncool. On online networking sites, Bengali men show a high tendency towards matrimony.

There’s a suggestion of corruption or perversion about these two things — as if a clean piece of fish is morally superior and liking the bones is an unmentionable proclivity. As a character in Tagore’s short story Khudhito Pashan, dismissive about women, put it: women love hot chillis, sour tamarind and a stern husband.

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