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I would say the main focus is on communication, but Dr.Lund covers everything from gender differences to the art of giving an apology and how to use active and reflective listening skills to solve disagreements.You might remember this next book that we love from our post last year.Of course, we’re still totally in love with it and had to include it on our list!But not everyone knows how to crack that “communication code.” Well, you’ll learn to in this book! It includes specific how-to’s and tangible points that anyone can mold to fit their own marriage.

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It’s a wonderful book to improve your marriage, but honestly, it will also improve all of your relationships and interactions with others.

Like now.) She’s just as passionate about marriage as we are.

In fact, she went on a worldwide search across six continents to find the secrets of a great marriage – and she wrote all about it in her book.

The Five Love Languages is the first book on our reading calendar!

Kick off January in the best way possible, by reading this transforming book!

If you haven’t figured it out yet, we are HUGE fans of Fawn and her website, Happy Wives Club.

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