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Christian asked him how the series was going to end, and Joss gleefully replied, “I’m killing you!

” In 2009, just after the fifth anniversary of the cancelation of , Christian was open about his feelings on his character’s demise, for a podcast by TVSeries

appearing from the first episode and being killed in the finale.

He made his first Oklahoma convention appearance at Wizard World’s Tulsa show on October 24.

No matter good or bad; you need as much manpower as you can get.

Christian Kane writes most of the material on his solo debut, which is essentially an expanded version of the self-titled EP he released six months earlier.

Likewise, when asked about his tattoos, which were occasionally seen on screen, he called them “personal” and felt they connected to his Native American ancestry, but wouldn’t reveal more.

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He still regularly returns to visit friends and family in the area.I think I’m upset how Lindsey went out; he should have been there for the final fight. But at the same time, Joss was very very smart how he played it. America, like me, probably thought Lindsey should have been at the final fight. Kane laughed that “Joss was always trying to kill me off!” According to him, Lindsey was actually supposed to have died five times previously, but the death was written into other characters.You may know him from his television roles - Jake Stone in The Librarians, Lindsey Mac Donald in Angel, Eliot Spencer in Leverage, Abe Wheeler in Into The West, or as JT Maxwell in King & Maxwell. The band has self-released two albums, their self-titled debut, Kane, in 2000 and a recording of a live acoustic set, Acoustic Live In London! The band consists of Christian Kane (lead vocals, guitar), Steve Carlson (rhythm guitar, backing vocals), Jason Southard (lead guitar), Will Amend (bass guitar), and Ryan Baker (drums) and is signed to independent record label Bigger Picture Group (Zac Brown Band, Big Kenny, The Harters). The first single from the album, also titled "The House Rules" debuted at No.

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