Dating and anti depressants


However, there is considerable debate about their effectiveness.As part of the study, the authors identified all double-blind, randomised controlled trials (RCTs) comparing antidepressants with placebo, or with another antidepressants (head-to-head trials) for the acute treatment (over 8 weeks) of major depression in adults aged 18 years or more.Patients should be aware of the potential benefits from antidepressants and always speak to the doctors about the most suitable treatment for them individually.An estimated 350 million have depression worldwide.

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The findings from this study contrast with a similar analysis in children and adolescents, which concluded that fluoxetine was probably the only antidepressant that might reduce depressive symptoms. Wednesday 21 February 2018 Daily Telegraph online, 11.30pm - The drugs do work: anti-depressants should be given to a million more Britons, largest ever review claims Reuters, 11.35pm - Study seeks to end antidepressant debate: the drugs do work https:// USKCN1G52XX Time magazine - These Antidepressants Are Most Effective, Study Says Channel News Asia (Singapore), https:// Thursday 22 February 2018 Broadcast – TV and Radio BBC Five Live - - 6-6.14am - live interview with Andrea Cipriani BBC Five Live – Your Call – 9-10am - phone-in discussion on paper: Radio: BBC Radio 4, Today – 6.49-6.54am - live interview with Andrea Cipriani (49.30 – 54.00) BBC News - Victoria Derbyshire – 10.10-10.22am – studio interview with Andrea Cipriani (from to ) BBC News – interview ft Henry Hardy and Dr Sarah Lotzof (11.48) BBC Two – Newsnight – 10.39-10.49pm – ‘Study Finds Anti-Depressants Work’ – interview with Andrea; case study; studio discussion (From to ) BBC World Service – Newshour – interview with Andrea Cipriani (39.27-46.25) Clip of interview (embeddable) CTV News (Canada) - Interviews with John Geddes; Sagar Parikh (wrote Commentary in The Lancet) https:// Plus: TV: BBC World News, Newsday, Radio: BBC World Service, The Newsroom, Radio: BBC World Service, Outlook, Radio: LBC 97.3, Steve Allen, Radio: BBC Radio 4, News Briefing, TV: Sky News, Sunrise with Sarah-Jane Mee, TV: BBC 1, Breakfast, TV: BBC World News Channel, News, Print / online The Guardian, p.1, Sarah Boseley - Depression: the drugs do work, say experts https:// The Guardian, Mark Rice-Oxley, It's official: antidepressants are not snake oil or a conspiracy – they work https:// The Sun, p.1 & 9, Nick Mcdermott – Pop More Happy Pills / The drugs do work https:// The Times, p.1, Chris Smyth - More people should get pills to beat depression https:// Daily Mail, p.5, Kate Pickles - A million more of us should be taking antidepressants Independent Daily Edition, p.18, Shehab Khan - Antidepressants work and should be prescribed more – Antidepressants are effective in treating mental health, major study finds Daily Express, Antidepressants DO work and millions more should be on them https:// Mail Online UK, The drugs do work - study suggests antidepressants are effective Mirror, p.13, Lucy Clarke-Billings - ‘Put more on pills to tackle depression’ Hindustan Times, Do antidepressants really work?

A major study comparing 21 commonly used antidepressants concludes that all are more effective than placebo for the short-term treatment of acute depression in adults, with effectiveness ranging from small to moderate for different drugs.

The international study, published in The Lancet, is a network meta-analysis of 522 double-blind, randomised controlled trials comprising a total of 116477 participants.

Although this study included a significant amount of unpublished data, a certain amount could still not be retrieved.

Antidepressants are routinely used worldwide yet there remains considerable debate about their effectiveness and tolerability.

A total of 87052 participants had been randomly assigned to receive a drug, and 29425 to receive placebo.

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