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If he ever told his friends that his wife suggested that he have sex with his mother, his sister, her mother, and her sister, they'd never believe him.

They'd never believe that his mother, his sister, his mother-in-law, and his sister-in-law all willingly and consensually agreed to have sex with him. They'd think that he was living out his sexual fantasies by telling them and lying to them that he had sex with the four of them.

Lucky for me that I'm a degenerate pervert who loves watching my woman having sex with other men,' he said with a dirty laugh.

He couldn't wait to see the sexually excited looks on the faces of the men once they stripped his beautiful wife naked and allowed them all to touch, feel, and fondle his sexy wife everywhere.

Yet, with sex no big deal to them in the way that it was a big deal to others, they'd never believe that he was in the swinging lifestyle with Ashley for two years before they were married either.

If ever he told his friends that they were ex-swingers, wanting to get with her too, they'd look at Ashley as if she was a whore. Just as if ever he told his friends that he had incestuous sex with his mother and sister, and had inappropriate sex with his mother-in-law and sister-in-law, they'd think that they were whores too.

'Being married isn't as bad as I thought it would be,' he thought.

'I'm not even married a week and I'm pimping out my wife.

Moreover, they'd never believe that it was his idea for Ashley to have sex with the wedding planner, the florist, the printer, the band leader, the photographer, the videographer, the hall owner, the limousine owner, and the caterer.

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