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Emina further outlined the advantages of the process; such as heightening the value of otherwise marginal deposits and increasing the output and export capacity of iron ore producers through beneficiation of their mining waste.

It reduces the impact on the environment by storing and recovering tailing stockpiles to produce a higher ore grade, and avoiding environmental issues associated with tailing dams such spills and seepage.

As iron ore must be composed of grades of at least 58 per cent, mining companies stack the lower grade material on tailings dumps.

This material with low iron content is then processed and iron is separated from other materials, particularly silica (sand), from these stacks.

Other advantages include a low energy consumption rate and its ability to increase the life of a mine.

Dry processing plants also have a reduced size compared to traditional facilities.

It’s the perfect time to introduce you to the Katmai Rangers who’ll be our guides to the summer of bear cams.

And our returning viewers can tell the Rangers the life histories of the individual bears on the Katmai cams.The Brazilian Institute of Industrial Property (INPI) ranked the patent application as a Green Patent due to its sustainability.New Steel also received an award in the innovation category at the international Platts Global Metals Awards, considered the ‘Oscar’ of mining.But can these tailings dam environmental disasters potentially be avoided with new processing technologies?Brazilian company New Steel have developed a new dry iron ore tailings process to make mining more environmentally sustainable.Brown Bear season is gearing up in Alaska’s Katmai National Park!

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