Rachel bilson dating wilson bethel dating a swimmer


The show reunites her with producers Stephanie Savage and Josh Schwartz who all worked together on The O. Rachel really turned her life around have having a 'self-destructive, rebellious period' during her teenage years she it has been reported.

She and a group of her brother's friends were involved in a head-on collision with another car that left Bilson unconscious for a few days and a lasting scar above her right eye.

The actor is also the creator and star of the web series Stupid Creator.

The actor has an ideal height of 6 feet and elegant looks which contribute to his personality.

When we went through his Twitter, we found a lot of his fans posting that they are eager to date and get married to him.

It’s still to know whether the wife of this actor will be among the celebrities or the fans.

However, the reality of his life is not similar to these onscreen matches. Wilson is currently focusing on his career and dodging relationship and girlfriends.

However, with that adorable face and appearance, it’s difficult for the fans to believe that the actor is not dating anyone.

The actor along with the seven episodes of series appeared in the HBO documentary Making Generation Kill.

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