Updating a rancher home

However, this visual styles doesn't work quite as well in the suburbs.

Try some of these ideas to help update your house's exterior.

With their single-story construction and efficient use of space, there's a lot to love about ranch houses.

However, one look at the popcorn ceilings and 70s-era paneling will tell you that there's also plenty to improve.

Each type and installation situation requires a slightly different approach.

The typical ranch house features a large picture window in the living room and smaller windows throughout the house.

Combined with the low ceilings typical of this style, the dark walls can result in a cave-like atmosphere.

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However, most people hire professionals to replace their windows.

There are several ways you can remedy this problem.

Dark wall coverings are a common problem with ranch homes.

This may mean hiring someone to bring in trees with a tree spade. Ranch houses can seem narrow and cramped from the outside, but adding a porch can help.

To do this, extend your roof out from the peak, and use pillars to support the extension.

Most ranch homes built during the 60s and 70s have popcorn ceilings.

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