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Aperture likely exists within the Half-Life universe as Aperture Science's official website and would, therefore, be considered canonical.Some parts, however, such as the "Holiday Vault" currently featured on the homepage are not canonical.

It was originally "v1.07" after logging in with any username, then upgraded to "v1.09". And while we're all working on twenty year old equipment, somehow they can afford to build an 'Enrichment Center'. Whatever the hell a 'relaxation vault' is, it doesn't have any doors.

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Aperture is a viral tie-in website launched in 2006 to promote Portal.

It was updated in December 2010, removing the site's command prompt feature (although it can still be seen by web viewers).

Also, found by a google index, showed a countdown to the release of Portal 2, and now just shows a series of messages from GLa DOS: " – Hello again. A previous version of the website featured a looped video put on the website for Christmas 2007, with the song "Still Alive" sung by a Christmas choir in the background and named "07 - Holiday Vault" ("07" referring to the year 2007).

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