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Play Station Vue also has a cloud DVR, however, but it's more limited than You Tube's (Vue's DVR shows expire after 28 days).

Sling TV also offers a 50-hour cloud DVR for Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV for an extra per month, and as long as you pay its shows don't expire.

There's a free 30-day trial before you'll have to pony up, and Google is throwing in a free Chromecast (worth ) after the first month's payment, "while supplies last." If you've never had cable TV service, you've already cut the cord or you're on the fence considering whether to do so, You Tube TV offers yet another way to stream live TV channels over the internet.

Here's the basics: Three similar services exist already, namely Sling TV, Play Station Vue and Direc TV Now, and Hulu has said it will debut yet another entry in this field before the end of the year, too.

As usual, most sports die-hards will have to subscribe to cable or satellite TV to watch their teams.

Here's the full list of You Tube TV's regional sports networks: NBC Sports Bay Area, NBC Sports California, NBC Sports Bay Area Plus, NBC Sports California Plus, CSN Chicago, CSN Chicago Plus, CSN Philadelphia, CSN Mid-Atlantic, FOX Sports West, FOX Sports Prime Ticket, YES. I watched a few hours of live and recorded TV in total and it mostly worked well.

Video quality looked good after an initial few seconds of lower-quality (par for the streaming course), and buffering and interruptions were minimal.

The same goes for casting to a TV -- quality was very good on all of the devices I tested (Chromecast, Nvidia Shield, Sony Android TV).

It's only available in five US metropolitan areas for now: Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia and the San Francisco Bay Area.Local channel availability -- the local broadcasts of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox -- is You Tube TV's biggest advantage over Direc TV Now, which lacks CBS, and Sling TV, which offers ABC or Fox in some places for extra money, but no other locals.Only Play Station Vue offers all four locals in select cities like You Tube does, and Vue covers more cities than You Tube TV.It also offers on-demand access to shows on local networks nationwide.You Tube TV lacks Turner channels (CNN, TNT, TBS, Cartoon Network) and Scripps channels (HGTV, Food Network, Travel Channel), which are both available on all three of its competitors.You Tube TV's total number of "more than 40" channels falls short of the base packages offered by Direc TV Now ( a month) and Play Station Vue ( or ).

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